Choose to reuse.

Some easy swaps are straws, cutlery, bags, water bottles, coffee cups, soap dispensers and cloth napkins.

Bonus? Money Saved!

The 1 cup-of-coffee difference? Average $0.17 vs $3.00 PER DAY.


Opt for sustainable manufacturing and cleaner ingredients.

Know from where it came and where it’s going. Choose brands that choose sustainability.

Bonus? Improved health!


Choose items with less packaging.

Need online shopping and deliveries for convenience? I get it. Choose one day per month to place your order and choose a company that prioritizes sustainability.

Bonus? Reduced Stress!

We’ve all been there. We recall needing something amid a task. Instead of quickly adding it to a list, we grab our phones to order it before we forget BUT it could be cheaper here or delivered quicker from there. Cue internet spiral and piles of delivery boxes. Not coincidence. Take a tech break and task with intention.

Live with Intention.


Support efforts for ecological restoration, sustainable manufacturing, and waste management.

Sign a petition or offer financial support to organizations working hard to make a difference!

Bonus? It feels good to do good!

Giving back improves physical and mental well-being. Connectedness heals.


Let’s Bring About Change, Together!

With Grateful Intention,