Your mind, body, soul, and family will thank you. Minimalism is NOT overrated. The more you have, the more you need to tend to.

Step 1: Declutter: When the junk drawer turns into a junk room, you know it’s time. Clear out those chaotic spaces and start small to avoid overwhelm. Think drawers to closets and then tackle the rooms. Haven’t worn those jeans in a year or maybe even a decade?! They’re not coming back in style any time soon.

Toss your used goods in bags and schedule a charitable donation pick-up. Want to make a little extra cash? Skip the yard sale headache and try selling your used items on Facebook Marketplace!

Step 2: Organize: Create systems. No need to break the bank here . . . head to Target, Walmart or IKEA and purchase a predesigned organization system with storage bins. Labeling works well for when you forget where you’ve placed your items!

Step 3: Maintenance: Create mini check points to prevent re-clutter. At the end of each season, give your clothes a glance and toss any items not worn that year. In toy overload? I get it. Kindly request gift cards over gifts when asked what to get the kiddos for special events. Avoid the lure of mindless shopping and only opt in for what you truly need. Remember, less is more!

Bonus: Create a mindful corner for yourself! Carve out some space, grab a comfy cushion or hammock chair (seriously life changing) and adorn it with a few items that support relaxation. Think plants, books, essential oils, crystals, and candles. Don’t forget headphones! Create a relaxing music playlist so you don’t hear your name called 50 times in the 10-minute period you set aside for yourself. Never forget, self-care is not selfish, it’s essential!

Breathe Easier.

With Grateful Intention,